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Cloud backup

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Cloud backup

We offer the capability of encrypt and storing data in a cloud backup, ensuring our clients that all their data are secured and ready to recover if it's necessary.

Cloud backup service highlights

Còpies de seguretat al núvol

  • Daily incremental backup with automatic realization warning.
  • Backup rotation feature to implement weekly, monthly, etc… data savings.
  • Fast and easy recovery files.
  • Automatic data encryptation.
  • All-included service:
    • We planify backup strategy.
    • We install all needed software.
    • We verify backups every day.
    • We recover files if it's necessary.
  • For desktop computers in Windows platform.
  • For Linux servers.

Backup services and fees

  • Initial installation: 60€ + igi
  • Backup storage up to 50 GB: 25€/mes + igi
  • Backup storage from 50 GB to 100 GB: 50€/mes +igi
    • For storage volume over 100 GB, please contact us.
  • *Daily revision and control of backups: 45€/mes + igi

* Includes daily revision of backups. We verify them every day, notify to the client any incident and resolve it automatically. Client has to worry about nothing.



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