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Administrative agency in Andorra

Logo La Vall Associats àrea Gestoria i Immobiliària

Your private administrative agency in Andorra

Located in Andorra la Vella, just 60 meters away from the Andorran Government building and main Tramits office (to carry out official formalities) of Andorra. In La Vall Associats we offer a professional, agile and familiar service as a private administrative agency. We take care of all procedures relating to the world of business like the management of accounting and taxation, employment and commercial arrangements or an overall administrative management.

Expert managers of administrative and business proceedings

On the other hand, we do all kinds of paperwork and administrative formalities such as documents, appeals and demands, obtaining an Andorran passive residence, imports and vehicle registrations as well as the management of documents.

Among many other things, we do accounting and tax consulting, tax advice on direct taxes, indirect state taxes and local taxes in the Principality of Andorra, advice on business creation, formation of companies, application and renewal of residence and work permits, application and renewal of work permits for foreign companies, registration of investments in real estate, applications for Andorran nationality and Spanish nationality.

Documents of the Bopa

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  • Commercial procedures and management

    Commercial procedures and management

    We give you advice on what is really needed to create a company in Andorra.

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  • Procedures and management of employment matters in Andorra

    Procedures and management of employment

    We help you get a residence or work permit in Andorra.

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  • Passive residence in Andorra

    Passive residence in Andorra

    To get an Andorran passive residence, a number of requirements and obligations are needed.

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  • Import, export, matriculation of vehicles

    Import, export, matriculation of vehicle

    Would you like to import, export or register your car and you don’t know where to start?

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  • Management of administrative documents

    Management of administrative documents

    We carry out all the necessary procedures to obtain the Andorran or Spanish nationality.

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  • Tax advice in Andorra

    Tax advice in Andorra

    Taxation in Andorra has taken an important weight and therefore it is important to be advised by experts.

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  • Documents, resources and demands

    Documents, resources and demands

    Drafting of all kinds of legal documents such as legal resources, contracts and agreements among others.

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  • Accounting advice in Andorra

    Accounting advice in Andorra

    Accounting and tax advice for your company to always keep accounts up to date.

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  • Financial advice service of Andorra

    Financial advice service of Andorra

    Would you like to receive financial advice and obtain a financial analysis to guide you?

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  • Insurance in the Principality of Andorra

    Insurance in the Principality of Andorra

    We work and collaborate with the best insurance companies in Andorra.

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