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Computer systems

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Computer systems and hardware in Andorra

For a company to operate correctly, it is essential that the computer equipment is working perfectly. Trust us, your computers and IT will be in good hands.

Informàtica per a empreses

Computer and hardware for companies in Andorra.

  • Installation, maintenance, design and cabling of local networks:
    • Router configuration: Internet access, firewall configuration, routing, virtual private network configuration - VLAN, creating and maintaining VPN, IPSEC, PPTA, etc.
    • Wi-Fi configuration (access points and repeaters).
  • Installation and maintenance of servers (Linux & Windows):
    • Management of users and groups with individualized access to folders and files.
    • Management of domains.
    • Sharing of resources.
    • Installation and configuration of databases.
    • Automatic management of internal data backups.
  • Installation, configuration, maintenance and repair of computer equipment.



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